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Products & Services


Dental Crown & Bridges are the most sought after dental lab products. We design this as per your preferential Dental Library like-CAP, Guilewell, Bonartic, Culp-young etc. Ranging from single units to Full-Mouth Rehabilitation, we design everything.


Cutbacks are very nice amalgamation of strength & aesthetics. Level of cutbacks changes with different labs. Some prefer only facial cutback, while some opt for partial occlusal cutback too. Also, some choose contacts in zirconia, while others in ceramic. What do you prefer?


Press-on Metal/Press-on Zirconia can be a good alternative to layered crown and bridges. Although it is a time consuming process for any dental lab, however, we assure to get the designs made in as fast as in two hours.


Whether the custom abutment is of titanium, zirconia, or hybrid, we can design it for you. However, for designing these, we advise you to share the required material files.


We design all kinds of implant crown and bridges. If you need screw retained or cement retained implant, we will design it for you.

Model Design​

We design all kinds of model design be it contact model, single arch articulated model or full arch with articulation. Models with detachable dies or separate dies both are possible


We are undergoing rigorous training for designing the partial-frameworks. It will be available very soon in our portfolio of digital dental designs.

Round Houses

We have a specialized set of designers for complex cases like round houses or full mouth rehabilitation with easydent’s own tooth library it is easy to provide high end cosmetic results

Night guard

We provide appliances designs such as night guard in the quickest turn around possible. Lab specific customizations is very much incorporated to suit the requirements.


Full arch screw retained bridges with gingiva or hybrids are pretty common designs for our aesthetic Designers.


A soon to be added design service in easydent’s portfolio.

Full denture

Our designers are well equipped with the knowledge of digital dentures. Every bit of characterizations can be included for your doctor’s satisfaction.

Snap on smile

As economical alternative or an intermediary treatment option, fair number of dentists are opting for Snap on smile. We provide Multiple tooth library designs to cater every individual smile.

Surgical guide

An upcoming service in the easydent’s design portfolio. We will be providing design Service, “with and without” treatment plan options.

Delivery Options

At EasyDent, we understand the requirements of our partners, and therefore provide flexible delivery options. Based on how soon you want your digital dental designs delivered, you can choose any one of the following options. You can always trust EasyDent to make a timely and efficient delivery of your digital dental designs, without compromising on the quality. 


Next Day Delivery
(by 7 am)


Same Day Delivery
(within 6 Hours)


Instant Delivery
(within 2 Hours)