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How EasyDent Works

EasyDent provides a super easy File-Share system to share your design requirements with our experienced and highly competent designers. Here is how EasyDent works.

  1. Sign up with EasyDent for Free.
  2. EasyDent will create an account for you on File-Share based on the information you provide while signing up.
  3. You will be notified once your login has been created.
  4. Login into File-Share to share your requirements.
  5. Track progress of all cases anytime and update your requirements.
  6. Get the completed case files.

What is File-Share?

File-Share is an easy-to-use system, providing a transparent and productive communication tool between the EasyDent team and the clients. Once a login-id has been created for a client, they can upload the design files, along with their detailed requirements. Here, the clients can also specifythe delivery time of their files. File-Share also allows the client to directly get in touch with design team, and make changes to their designs, as and when required. Once the designs have been completed and uploaded by our team, the system sends a notification to the client.

The File-Share system enables our team as well as our clients in getting the work done effectively and efficiently.