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Recent Trends and Future Direction of Dental Research in the Digital Era

According to the Tim joda, Department of Reconstructive Dentistry, University of Basel and his collages, The digital transformation in dental medicine, based on electronic health data information, is recognized as one of the major game-changers of the 21st century to tackle present and upcoming challenges in dental and oral healthcare.

This opinion letter focuses on the estimated top five trends and innovations of this new digital era, with the potential to decisively influence the direction of dental research:

(1) rapid prototyping (RP),

(2) augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR),

(3) artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML),

(4) personalized (dental) medicine, and

(5) tele-healthcare.

Computerized dentistry requires overseeing desires even-mindedly and guaranteeing straightforwardness for all partners: patients, medicinal services suppliers, college and research institutions, the Medicinal Tech business, protection, open media, and state strategy. It ought not be guaranteed or suggested that advanced brilliant information innovations will supplant people giving dental aptitude and the limit with respect to quiet compassion.

The dental group that controls computerized applications remains the key and will keep on assuming the focal job in rewarding patients. In this context, the latest trend word is created: increased insight, e.g., the significant blend of advanced applications matched with human characteristics and capacities so as to accomplish improved dental and oral medicinal services, guaranteeing personal satisfaction.

Reference: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/17/6/1987/htm

  1. Tim Joda – Department of Reconstructive Dentistry, University Center for Dental Medicine Basel, University of Basel, 4058 Basel, Switzerland
  2. Michael M. Bornstein – Department of Oral Health & Medicine, University Center for Dental Medicine Basel, University of Basel, 4058 Basel, Switzerland
  3. Ronald E. Jung – Department of Reconstructive Dentistry, Center for Dental Medicine Basel, University of Zurich, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland
  4. Marco Ferrari – Department of Prosthodontics & Dental Material, University School of Dental Medicine, University of Siena, 53100 Siena, Italy
  5. Tuomas Waltimo – Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.